Dry Rot Repairs

Soft timber around window frames?

Paint bubbling?

Timber showing signs of decay?

Dry rot is a common fungus that affects both hard and soft timbers and can be very damaging as the fungus spreads. It occurs because of a combination of fungal spores, moisture and the absense of ventilation. Simply removing the decayed timber can sometimes be ineffective as the rot can have spread deep within the grain of the timber transferring to other parts of the window or timber structure.

Hero Handyman are specialists in treating timber dry rot. There are are several factors that we consider when we treat affected timber. These include:

  • The moisture content of the affected area

  • The source of moisture

  • Fungal outbreaks

  • The depth of infestation

  • If the infestation can be cut away

  • Using chemical barriers

  • Using chemical 

  • Total replacement of affected structure

  • Ongoing remedies and maintenance


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