Flywire Screens


Rips in flywire?

Faded or stretched?

Flywire screens are susceptible to wear and tear from our everyday use. It is easy to knock or puncture the screens and cause holes and tears.

This damage is both unsightly and removes the practicality of the screen from keeping insects out of your home.

Hero Handyman are specialists at repairing flywire screens. Whether timber or aluminium frames, we can provide a replacement service using either fibreglass or metal screens. We can also replace the screens on security doors. Our services include:

  • Removing screens from holders

  • Deconstructing timber frames

  • Removing expension ribbing from aluminium screens

  • Cutting screens to size

  • Fitting screens into frames

  • Securing screens into frames

  • Replacing timber security

  • Repainting timber frames (if required)

  • Cleaning screens of spider webs and dirt


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