Kitchen Renovations

Within a house the kitchen is where daily

life rotates.

It makes sense that this space be as functional and inviting as possible.

Changes to your kitchen need not be expensive. A simple change such as fittings can begin a transformation.

Remodelling bench-tops adds practicality and adds a modern appearance. This can be done in ceramic, stone composite, wood or stainless steel.

An addition is to change cupboard doors onto existing kitchen units. This is very cost effective and the results can be startling.

Removing existing cupbaords and fitting more versitile units is the complete transformation that Hero Handyman Services can achieve for you.

We can design, arrange manufacturer, demolish, dispose of debris, refit, affix new benchtops, tile, seal and clean up.

Our objective is to plan and execute any kitchen renovation with the least amount of disruption possible to your domestic living.

A kitchen renovation can be scaled to any budget and taste. We welcome the opportunity to share our ideas during your planning stage.


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